Thursday, June 23, 2022

My Next Event...Kentuck Day July 23rd 10am/4pm I'm In The Flea Market Section On Polk St.. Check Back As I'll Ad More Pictures.. Great Deals,,,

All I Have To It Add The Hook's.... 

Super Cute Chair & More Fam Animal Papers..

Large Framed Cattle Prints  $45.00  

                               Pr. Of Lamps  $70.00 pr  Farmhouse Chest  $130.00

                                           Country French Chairs $30.00 Each

                                   Large French Woman Papers $40.00 Each

                                                 Misc Crocks 20.00 & Up.
                                            Paris Flower Market Chest  $125.00

                                  Farmhouse Windows With Papers $45.00 Each
                                              Misc Smalls As Priced...
                               42 inch Table $130.00 Set Of 4 Farmhouse Chairs $70.00

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Burn Pile Pick...Last Year We Had A Cool French Buffet That Had So Many Problems That We Took It To The Burn Pile...

                               Turned Out Pretty Cool..Not To Add The Hooks..

                       Today We Took A Ride To The Burn Pile & Look At What We Found...   
                              After Months Under The Snow The Piece Looked Amazing... 
                                                      Winter Had Worked It's Magic....
                           We Have A Top, Two Sides, And Some Fancy Trim To Work With..
                                              I'm Pretty Sure I Know What I'm Going To Do..



Tuesday, June 14, 2022

So Excited...Coming In The Fall...I'm So Excited To Get My Orders And Find The Perfect Piece Of Furniture... Just A Little Peek

                                    This Stuff Is Not Cheap...But It's Worth Every Penny...
                                      This Will Be The Coolest Stuff I've Ever Done,,,,