Sunday, November 10, 2013

~~Wausau Show~What A Great Event~~

                                            ~~My Booth Filled Up Fast With Buyers~~

                      The First To Go Was A Chalk Painted Sofa Table In ~~French Linen~~

                                   ~~Thanks~~ Again~~ Debbie ~~ Hope You Enjoy It~~


                                              ~Almost All The Vintage Christmas ~Sold~

                                           ~ Vintage Prints~Small Décor Items As Well As

                                              My Cambridge Glass Was Also A~Big Hit~
           ~One Thing I Know For Sure~~Everyone loved The Chalk Painted Furniture~

      ~I'll Be Sure And Have A lot Of Smaller Painted Furniture At The Feb. 2014 Show~

          ~~Thank You For Stopping By My Booth~~I Really Enjoyed Meeting Everyone~~

                                                      ~~~A BIG THANK YOU~~

                                ~To Ray And Audre Hanson For This Wonderful Event~



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