Sunday, July 27, 2014

~~Kentuck Day~~

                                                             ~~What a Great Day~~
                                       ~~We Had A Slow Start Because Of The Weather~~
                                       ~~As Soon As The Weather Cleared It Went Crazy~~
                                               ~~Sorry To Say I Misplaced My Camera~~       
                                                   ~~First To Go~The Desk I loved~~
                                 Repeat Buyer Kim loved It Also~As Well As The Drum Table
                                          ~Kim And He Husband Have A Gorgeous Home~
                                  ~~And Have Purchased My Of My Painted Beauties~~
                                      ~~I Also Sold A Number Of My Feed ~Sack Chairs~~
                                   ~~Four Have New Homes In Wausau And Green Bay~~
                                         ~~One Went To A Young Woman Who Was~~
                                       ~~So Excited About It~~So Happy You loved It~~
                                               ~~At $80.00 They Were A Great Buy~~
                                                        ~~Thank You To All~~Enjoy~~

~~I Really Loaded My Trailer~~
~~Sorry To Say I Never Got To Restock~~
~~I'll Be Back On Sept 20, Art In The Square~~ 
 ~~Watch For Details~~

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