Wednesday, August 6, 2014

~~Dorian's Chairs~~

                                                    ~~Jumping Into The Project~~
                                   ~~Never In My Life Have I Seen Seats Like This~~
                           ~~No Way Could I Redo Them So I'm Having New Ones Made~~
                                         ~~The New Seats Should Be Ready In A Few Day's~~
                                              ~~This Is The Chair Prior To Distressing~~
                                 ~~This Should Help Dorian Decide If She Like's The Look~~
                                                       ~~Taking A Traditional Chair~~
                                                          ~~Giving It Cottage Charm~~
                                                  ~~I've Painted It A Cream~~Added~~
                                                    ~~A light Distress~~Followed By~~
                                                          ~~Sets Covered In Ticking~~
                                            ~~This Combination Will~~Bridge The Gap~~
                                                 ~~From Traditional To~~Cottage Chic~~
                                                              ~~Homelike Charm~~
                                                ~~Loving It~~Only Three More To Go~~

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