Wednesday, September 17, 2014

~~~One Last Time~~~

                                               ~This Rug Has Been With Me For Years~
                                      ~Having It's Place In Almost Every Shop I've Been In~
                      ~Many People Tell Me They Could Till It Was My Booth Because Of It~
                               ~It's Drying In My Driveway~~This Will Be It's last Booth~
                                                       ~It's Odd To Blog About It~
                          ~But For One Thing~~I've Had It For As long As I've Been hikchik~
~I Purchased It From A Very Dear Friend Mike Who Lives In Crandon~
~He Had A Shop At The Time I Think He Said It Was His Dad's~
   ~At The Time I Purchased For My Bedroom~In My New Apartment~
~My Empty Nest Apartment~~
~Look For It In My New Booth At~Water Street Vintage New London, Wi~
 ~Who Knows Maybe I'll Have My Own Shop To Put It In~~

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