Tuesday, November 18, 2014

~~Bedroom Make Over~~

                                             ~~I Started Work On One Of My Bedrooms~~
                                                           ~~I Love The Pillows~~
                                             ~~I Added New Flannel Sheets And Spread~~
                                          ~~I'm Going To Add Two Layers Of Blankets~~
                                             ~~I Love The Wall Color So It Will Stay~~

                                             ~~I'm Also Going To Add This Chair I Did~~
                            ~~I Have A Great Pr. Of  Dressers That Should Also Look Great~~
                       ~~For Curtains I'm Thinking Burlap And A Ticking Type Strip Combo~~
~~Once It's All Set~~I'll Add Wall Décor~~
~~With An Out Door Flavor~~
~~Lets Call It~~
*****Rustic Romance*****


  1. The bigger pr in the light colored blue strip came from the auction you did. There down and I didn't put them in a case. I love the look.