Tuesday, November 25, 2014

~~Getting Organized~~101~~

                                                             ~~Cleaning My Attic~~
                                                     ~~Good Containers Are A Must~~
                                                             ~~I Hate Cardboard~~
                                                      ~~I Have Far To Many Ribbons~~
                                         ~~This Container Helps Me Keep Some On Hand~~
                                         ~~I Downsized My Jewelry Making Supplies~~
                         ~~Keeping Only What I Could Store In A Three Stacking Container~~
                                          ~~These Great Stacking Containers Came From FF~~
                                        ~~Half Price After Christmas~~So I Took All Of Them~~
                                        ~~Would Of Liked A Couple More For My Ribbons~~
                            ~~Love The Way They Snap Together~~They Also Have Great Lids~~
~~Ornaments For My Holiday Crafts~~
 ~~I Still Need To Get Two More Containers Out Of Storage~~
~~I Love It That I Can See What I Have~~
~~ I Was Able To Give Away 100's Of Bottles Of Craft Paint~~
~~Along With Stencils I Had No Use For~~
~~I Was Happy That Jacky Luetschwager Could Use Them For 4-H~~
~~4-H Leaders Are Always In Need Of Supplies~~
~~Next I'll Be Working On What To Do With All My Fabric And Trim~~
~~I Hate To Part With Any Of It~~But I'm Sure I'll Have To~~
~~Along With Wall Paper Sample Books~~They Have To Go~
~~Watch For A Spring Sale At My House~~

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  1. Looks nice. Yes, our 4-H club is still using them. Makes it nice when things are donated as the kids don't have to pay to make a projects. Thanks.