Friday, January 16, 2015


                                              **This Is A Very Sad & Difficult Post**      
                           **On Jan 7, We Had To Put My Beloved Horse McGarr To Sleep**
                                       **He Was 28 Years Old**I Loved Him Very Much**
                            **Thank You Linda & Chris Robinson For These Great Pictures**
                                   **They Were Out Just Driving Around Taking Pictures**
                                                   **So Thankful You Came My Way**
                                        **It Was Grain Time And He Was Ready To Eat**

                                      **A HUGH**Thank You To Shane Krueger & Dan**
                                                       **Krueger & Steinfest**Antigo**
                                       **They Came To Our Property And Buried McGarr**
                                **Rob Palmer Our Farrier**Thank You For Your Kind Words**
                                 **His Pals Are Still looking For Him**So Glad I Have Them**

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