Sunday, March 15, 2015

~A Nomad For A Nomad~

                             ~This Project Has Been Waiting For My Attention For Two Years~
                             ~I Have Everything Purchased For It's ~Shabby Chic~Make Over~
                                             ~What's First~The Roof Has To Be Coated~
                                            ~Next It'll Be Painted And Add My Decals~
                                        ~John Will Check The Wheel Bearing And Tires~
~The Inside Is Almost Ready To Be Painted~
 ~The Only Thing I Left Inside Was The Built In Bed~
~Carpet Will Be Next~
~The Awesome Décor I Have Purchased~
~Once It's Completed I'll Park It In My Front Yard~
 ~I Have Lots Of Vintage Garden Items~That Will Be Added~
~John Has Informed Me That If I Don't Get To It Soon~
~He Will Take It To The Woods~For His Hunting Shack~
~My Nomad~I've Always Said That I'm A Bit Of A Nomad~

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