Sunday, March 8, 2015

~Closet Clean Out~

                                     ~Jeans-Tops~Sweaters~35 Pr Of Shoes~Purses~Gone~
                       ~When The "Smoke Cleared" I Had 2 Pr Of Jeans~4 Tops To My Name~
                  ~Plus 45 Pr Of Shoes/Boots~15 Purses And A Great Mix Of Vintage Items~
                        ~ As hikchik I Create And Sell A Very Eclectic Mix~At Shows/Markets~
                                                      ~A Clothes Horse Go's Shopping~
                                         ~Were Did I Shop? The Buckle And Thrift Shops~
                                           ~The Paris Cowgirl Look~Is What I'm After~
                                      ~So Far I Pulled Together A Dozen Outfits For $380.00~
                 ~I'll Be Adding Some French Style In Tops And Accessory's As I Find Them~
                                                ~As Well As a Couple Pair Cowboy Boots~
                                                    ~Here's A Sample~Of My Purchases~
                                      ~I Got Lucky At The Goodwell~Jean Jackets At Half Off~
                      ~Eddie Bauer~Tommy Hilfinger & A Yellow Christine Alexander Jacket~
                                           ~All Were In Excellent Condition And Totaled $20~
                                       ~I Also Picked Up A Forever 21 Top For $2.99 W/Tags~
                                           ~~The Bracelet By hikchik~The Belt & Scarf $20~
                  ~I'm Crazy About This Black Jacket I Got From The Buckle For $42 On Sale~
                            ~The Great Cowhide Boots Have Been In My Closet For 8 Years~
                            ~ The Bag I Just Purchased From Evolutions~Half Off $20~
                                   ~The Scarf & Belt Totaled $6~ Bracelet By hikchik~
                                ~The Tan Top Was One Of Three I Purchased For $3 Each~
                                ~This Time A Added Red With My Jacket From The Buckle~
                                     ~The Red Heels Were In My Closet~For 17 Years~
                             ~The Ted Baker Bag Is From London~A Gift From My BF Jane~
                                   ~This Cool Outfit I Wore To The Wausau Antique Show~
                 ~The NA Tee And Jacket Came From The Buckle At Full Price $70 For both~
                         ~Again The Boots Are From My Closet As Well As The Brahmin Bag~
             ~The Necklace Was A Gift From My Husband~Made By Tail Spin Keepsakes~
                        ~It's Made From Hair From The Tail Of A Horse~My Horse McGarr~
                               ~This Navy Colored Top Was At Full Price From The Buckle $64~
           ~I Teamed It Up With A New W/Tags~Ralph Lauren Jacket~Thrift Shop Find~
            ~This Awesome Jacket~Is White With Navy Stitching $6~Jewelry By hikchik~
             ~From My Closet I Added A Pair Of Vintage Cobra Skin Heels &Vintage Purse~
                                   ~I Also Added Two Pair Of Jeans From Walmart At $40~
       ~With The Balance Of Six More Blouses Purchased At The Buckle & Thrift Shops~
     ~I Ended Up With A Dozen Different Outfits~At Great Prices~I'm Not Married To~
                                                      ~Coming Out Of The Closet~
                                   ~ My Vintage Tops And Jackets Should Mix Well~
     ~Also My High End Purses And Shoes~Can't Believe I have That Many New Shoes~
                       ~March Is My B-Day Month And John Will Be Taking Me To Shopping~
                                         ~I Will Have To Cash In On This Opportunity~
                      ~With Cowboy Boots Coming In At $300~Honey Look What I Found~
                           ~All In All~It Made A Long Winter Fun & Shopping An Adventure~
                              ~Getting Ready For A Show~In A Style That Will Set Me Apart~
                                     ~The One Thing I Really Wanted To Add But Didn't~
                                          Fringe!!   "Been There Done That" In The 60's




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