Friday, April 10, 2015

~Great Day Shopping For Hick Chic~

                                                          ~What Not To Wear~
                                                    ~Fringe~Sorry I Had To Have It~
                                                  ~Purchased It Yesterday Schroeder's~ 
                                                     ~Was $70.00 Sale Price $29.00~                                       
                                                     ~Love It's Label~Others Follow~
                                           ~Love This Vest From Goodwill/Buckle $2.99~
~Bunny Belt~Not Sure If It's Hick Chic~But For $7.00 ~
    ~I Started My Closet Clean Out In March And Had Almost Nothing Left~
 ~Check Old Post~March 8th. Closet Cleanout~
~Rebuilding My Wardrobe Has Been A Blast~   
~I've Purchased New & Good Quality Used~
~To Date I'm Up To 22 Tops/Blouses~7 Jean Style Jackets~
~Still Looking To Add A Pair Of New Cowboy Boots~
~I Also Have My Eye On Two New Tops From The Buckle~
~As Well As Two Very High End Fancy Tops From Schroeder's~
~In March I Spent $380.00 On New/Used Clothing~
      ~I Added Another $110.00~Now I'll Be Able To Add A Few High End Items~   
~One More Thing~I Have Store Punch Cards~
~$40.00 Credit Coming My Way At The Buckle & Schroeder's~

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