Sunday, May 10, 2015


                                                               ~What A Great Sale~
                                                                    ~SOLD OUT~
                                                    ~Thank You~To All The Shoppers~
                                              ~This Nice Selection Were The First To Go~
                                               ~The Table And Everything On It Sold~
                                            ~The Set Of Four Ice Cream Chairs Sold As Well~
                                      ~So Happy I Didn't Have To Load This Large Dresser~

                                                     ~Everyone Loved The Wall Scones~
                                     ~My Rusty Pails Also Sold Out~But I Have A Lot More~
                               ~My Sweet Dresser Will Now Be Part Of A Baby Girls Room~
                                         ~So Glad To See The Jewelry I Did Sell So Well~
~In The Last Few Hours Of The Sale The Buffet Sold~
 ~As Well As A Few Painted Chairs~
~It Was A Wonderful Sale~
~I Think A Great Time Was Had By All~
 ~After A Few Days Of Rest~I'll Have To Get Work~