Wednesday, June 17, 2015


                                   ~It Took Us 8 hours To Clean Out The Small Garage~
                                                                 ~Hello Kitty~So Cute~
                                                                   ~What a Surprise~
                                                         ~We Hope To Tame The Kitty~
                                                            ~Then Find Him A Home~
~Lots Of Old Car Parts~
                                                   ~Look For Them At HayWired 2016~
                                             ~Estate Sale~My House Later This Summer~
                                                   ~The Chandlers Are From A Casino~
                                         ~When I Get My New Horse Barn They'll Go In It~
                                      ~We Have FANCY Horses~Or They Think They Are~
                                          ~There Barn Will Double As My Sale Barn Also~
                                               ~I Have Hopes Of A Couple Sales A Year~
                                       ~Did I Tell You I'm Planning On A Sale At My House~
                                                               ~Later This Summer~  
                                                      ~I'll Also Have A Guest Pop-Up~ 
                                               ~She'll Be Joining In On The Sale~                                             

                                              ~I Have six Of These Corbels~I Love Them~
                                             ~They May Also End Up In The Horse Barn~
                                                                  ~More Projects~
                                                       ~Tables With Ceiling Tin Tops~
~This Fancy Old Plaster Trim Will Find It's Way To~
~The Feb Show In Wausau And Also Haywired 2016~
                                                   ~I Have 8 Of These Widow Panels~
                                                ~On To The Big Garage & Lake Cabin~
                                                      ~Maybe I'll Find More Kittens~


  1. Take it from me - finding a kitten, means getting a cat - then having more kittens.
    (My stray cat led to 5 kittens - down to 2 spayed females.)
    You will have to get your new kitty to make friends with your baby squirrels.
    Looks like John's day off was a lot of work!

  2. It all looks cool! Can't wait for your estate sale!