Monday, July 27, 2015

~A Story To Tell~

                                                   Oh Boy~Maybe I Should Just Dial 911
                                  ~This Beauty Survived A Fire~But Not Without Damage~
                           ~I Can't Fix All Of It's Problems~So I'll Have To Make It Work~
                                            ~The Only Thing I Can Do Is Distress It More~
                                                     ~That's My Project For This Week~

                                               ~My Plans Are To Take It Back To Crandon~
                                          ~I'll Be Doing "Art In The Square" On Sept. 19th.~
                                              Debbie Were Did You Get This Dresser??
                                                         I Keep Thinking I Know It???
                                                        Please Leave Your Comment.....


  1. ok got it...I do know it...It's big mirror is missing...So the other one came from the same place?? Don't forget keep the blanket for me..