Thursday, July 16, 2015

~Finishing Techniques~

                                                         ~Special Effects For Furniture~
                                     ~I'm Going To Try A Few Different Paint Techniques~
                                         ~Years Ago I Took A Number Of Paint Classes~
                                            ~Some I Never Tried ~It's Only Paint~Right??
                                                 ~French Pearl~Is A Three Step Process~
                                                 ~In The Right Setting I Could Love This~
                                                        ~It Has A Sophisticated Look~
                                          ~I Know Just How I Want To Stage This Piece~

                                                     ~Let Me Know What You Think~
                                                    Email Me At
                                          ~Thanks Everyone~So Far Nine Of You Like It~  
                                    ~And One Does Not~Guess Who?  My Very Own Husband~
                                          ~Once I Have It Set Up And Staged He'll Love It~
                                     ~So For Now I'll Do The Rest Of It In The French Pearl~
                                          ~When I Look At It I See A Candle Lite Glow~
                                        ~Think I'll Take It To Kentuck Day Next Week-End~
                                         ~I Can Stage It And See What People Think Of It~
                                           ~Just Hope I Don't Sell IT~I Have Plans For It~