Monday, July 20, 2015

~Kentuck Day~2015

                                            ~What Will You Find In My Booths In 2015/16     
                                               ~French Farmhouse Chic~And Lots Of It~
                                                             ~Classic Shabby Chic~
                                                        ~Super Cute Stenciled Décor
                                                              ~Jewels By hikchik~
                                           ~Very Classy Shabby Chic~Whites & Creams~
~I'm Currently Working On Some Of The Coolest Stuff~
          ~So Needless To Say~            
 ~I Will Not Be Posting Photos Till 48 hours Before Sale Day~
~It Kills Me Not To Post All I Do~
~Maybe Just A Peek~
~Also I'm Currently Working On A New Logo~

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