Sunday, July 26, 2015

~Kentuck Day~Wonderful~

                                            ~Happy Gal's What Wonderful Young Woman~
                                                  ~Hope You Enjoy Your New Seating~
                                                        ~Nicole Looks So Hollywood~
                                                        ~Sara~You So Made My Day~
                                               ~I Remember You As A Tiny Little Girl~
                                                ~Look At You Now~So Happy For You~
                                                                 ~Thank You~Enjoy~
                                      ~They Loved The Pails~Took 10 And They Sold Out~
                                                      ~Large Coffee Table Trunk~Sold~
                                           ~Super Cute Chair~Went Home With~Jeanne_
                                          ~I Loved This High Boy And So Did~Kathleen~
                                                                ~What A Great Day~
                                                   ~Thank You ladies~Hope You Enjoy!!
                                                      Email Me At
                                                ~That Way Put You On My Contact List~
                                               ~For Events And Shows I'll Be Set Up At~
                                                    ~Caring For Your Painted Furniture~
                                             ~Do Not Store In Dam Areas~Like Basements~
                                      ~Do Not Use In Rooms With Hot Tubs Or In Bathrooms~
                                            ~Do Not Wash~A Feather Duster Works Great~
                                                    ~Some Old Furniture Can Smell~
                                          ~ If You Have A Smell Clean The Inside Only~
                                          ~With Murphy Oil Soap As Directed On Bottle~
                                            ~Again Do Not Get The Painted Surface Wet~
                                     ~Use Care When Placing Items On The Painted Surface~
                                          ~Small Felt Pads Can Be Placed On The Bottom~
                                      ~Of Items You Wish To Display~They Come In May Sizes~
                                                                 ~Walmart Sell's Them~
                                             ~If You Have A Question Call Or Email Me~

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