Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shopping 101

                                                      ~Shopping A High End Boutique~
                                                   ~Shop The Clearance Rack~OFTEN~
                                              ~Boutiques Love To Move There Merchandise~
                                           ~They Order A Small Number Of The Same Item~
                                     ~When Garments Go Out Of "SEASON" It's Price Will Drop~
                                                        It's July And I'm Buying "COATS"
                                                          How Did I Score? Very Well!!
                                                   ~Hippy Chick~ Was $170.00~OUCH!!
                                                       ~With Tax I Paid Under $40.00~
                                                 ~Jackie O Was $225.00~Bigger OUCH~
                                                       ~With Tax I Paid Under $40.00~
                                                ~Items And Sizes Will Be Very Limited~
                                                         ~I Check The Racks Weekly~
                                                    ~Don't Rule Out Higher End Shops~
                                                        What's The Best Deal I Ever Got??
                                                  ~A $5000.00 Sofa For Under $1500.00~
                                             ~It Was A Two Year Wait-But I Got It Last Year~

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