Wednesday, August 26, 2015

~Cowboy Boots~

                                                                    ~Cute Boots~
                                       ~Victoria & I Spent Yesterday Shopping~For Boots~
                                    ~Sorry To Say We Were Only Able To Find One Pair Each~
                               ~Looks Like A lot Of People Were Also Needing Cowboy Boots~
                                      ~We'll Be Making Another Trip To Coyotes In Sept~
                                                      ~They Placed An Order For Me~
                                                  ~That's OK Victoria & I love To Shop~

~I Know Better Than To Walk Away From Something I Love~
~But Yesterday In Macy's I Found A Killer Bag~ By Guess~
~Great Style~Black~Great Price~
~I Put It Back On The Clearance Table And When I Went Back It Was Gone~ 
~I Hate That When That Happens~Oh Well~

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