Friday, August 28, 2015

~So Very Proud~

                                         ~My Husband John Has Turned Into A Horsemen~
                                     ~John Really Was A Novice When We Got The Boy's~
                                     ~This Year He Has Really Been Working On His Riding~
                                          ~Riding Together Has Been Very Good For Us~
                                            ~We Ride Our 180 Acres My Husband Loves~
                                  ~Were Making Plans On Building A Barn & Bunk House~
                                     ~Then We Took My Son's Horses In To Live With Us~
                                 ~It Was To Help My Son Keep His Boy's After His Divorce~
                                   ~When I Lost My Old Horse In Jan. It About Killed Me~
                                            ~My Son Gave Me Onyx & John Got Sonny~
                                    ~Bill Got Sonny At 6 Months And Onyx As A Yearling~
                               ~Sonny Is Now 11 & Onyx Is 13~You Just Can't Sell Family~
                                ~He's Happy To Know There Are Well Cared For And Loved~

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