Wednesday, August 5, 2015

YUP!! She Did It Again!!

                                                       Victoria & Hickory Did It Again
                                            Lehman Gerow Memorial Speed Show Winners
                                          For The Third Year Running Victoria & Hickory
                                     Winning High Point Overall & High Point Intermediate
                                                       Victoria With To Other Winners
                                                         Super Horse~~~Hickory
                                       I Am So Very Proud Of My Girl & Her Super Horse
                                                 Lehman Gerow Memorial Speed Show
                                      Lehman Gerow Was My Best Friend For Many Years
                                            We Competed In Horse Shows Throughout Wi
                                                 He Was Truly My Best Friend~~Ever!!
                                                  He Would Be So Proud Of Victoria
                                                          ~I Miss My Old Friend~


  1. Tell Victoria we are all happy for her & to keep up the good work! It's great to see her doing so well.