Monday, September 21, 2015

~So Excited~New Project In The Works~

                            ~It's Killing Me Not To Show You All What I'm Working On~
                                    ~So Many Cool Things Have Come My Way~
                                            ~Stuff I Didn't Even Think I'd Like~
                                               ~This Is Going To Sound Silly~
                               ~But I'm Really Excited About The Feb 2016 Wausau Show~
                                                 ~Now That's Planning Ahead~
                                           ~I'm Thinking About Going Off FB~
                                        ~I'd Like To Leave hikchik hick chic Up~
                                 ~There's Just Really Nothing On FB I Really Like~
                          ~I Only Do Five Events A Year~I'd Rather Post On My Blog~
                           ~Work On My Projects And See The People At The Shows~
                                     ~One On One~Maybe I'm Just To Old For It~
                                                           ~Time Will Tell~

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