Friday, October 30, 2015

~Milwaukee Road Trip~

                                         ~Picked Up A Few Thinks For The Bunk House~
                                          ~Cute Love Seat At~Legacies~Thinking On This~
                                               ~The Saddle Is From A Old Saddle Shop~
                                        ~It Has Been Cut In Half~It Fits Flat To The Wall~
                                                              ~A Deal At $40.00~
~Vintage Dingo Boots~They Fit Great~
 ~But I'm Thinking Lamps~ 
 ~I Also Stopped At ~Manhattan Textiles~
~In Wauwatosa~It Has Wonderful High End Fabrics~
~But That Didn't Stop Me~I Picked Up A Few Things~
 ~Thinking I'll Cover Some Chair Seats For The Feb 2016 Show~


  1. Neat chair, the saddle perfect for hanging on bunk house wall, lamps would be cute with those boots. Looks like you found some goodies.

  2. Yes...I love them all just hope we get the bunk house and barn and everything needed to life how we want to live...I also picked up some very cool big items...much will change in the next year..Very Thankful!!!!