Sunday, November 22, 2015

~Wallpaper Stash~

                                                         ~Christian Dior Wallpaper~
                                              ~I Purchased 3 Double Rolls 18 Years Ago~
                                         ~I Had Been Painting Furniture With Will Gray~
                                          ~For White Leopard Interiors In Leland, Miss~
                                                  ~When I Found It And Had To Have It~
                                                  ~Mississippi Had The Best Shopping~
                                   ~ After 4 Years Of Working For A Casino Corporation~
                            ~I Was Ready To Come Home~But That Would Not Be The Case~
                                             ~Spent 3 More Years With The Corporation~
                                                 ~Traveling To Iowa & Washington State~
                                           ~The Good Part~I Took Advantage Of Classes~
                                                 ~Seattle Had The Best Workshops Ever~
                                     ~I Loved Working With Will Gray~A Master Painter~
                                       ~I Learned So Much From Him~What A BLAST~

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