Saturday, February 6, 2016

More For The Wausau Show

                                         ~Great Cabinet~On It's Way To The Wausau Show~
                                  ~In The Winter My Dinning Room~ Doubles As My Studio~
                                     ~My Very Tiny Dinning Room~In My Tiny House~
                                           ~On Tiny Little Twin Lake~In Tiny Pickerel~
                                                ~For The Past 15 Years I've Painted Here~
                                                 ~With A New Address Coming In 2016~
                                           ~I Will Miss This Tiny Little Place I Call Home~
                                            ~The Move Is Short Only Seven Miles South~
                                         ~There We Will Join Our Horses~ Sonny & Onyx~  
                                     ~On 180 They Call Home~With a New Home & Barn~
                                               ~And Big Plans~And A Big Place To Paint~
                                                         ~And ~SALES~In The Barn~  
                                                   ~At Almost 64 I'm Still Making Plans~ 
                                            ~I Know John Can't Wait To Be On His Land~                 

                                                        ~Cool Old Mirror Will Join It~

                         ~This Will Be The Last Painted Items I'll Be Adding To My Trailer~


  1. How big is your new home? I need your address so I can put it in google earth so I can see where you are.

  2. Jim,It will be about 1300 sq ft not large but just right for two people..Will send you the address when I have it..Thinking mid summer. Great to hear from you..