Tuesday, March 1, 2016


                                                           Nicole Miller Area Rug
                                                                  One Of A Kind
                                      Stunning Cut Pile~In Cream & Gray~Wool Silk Blend
                                           I Can See It Now In Our New Master Bedroom
                                 I Planned On Using Creams~Grays~Hints Of Yellow Or Pink
                                          When I Saw This Rug It Just All Came Together

                                                A Large Piece Of Architectural Salvage
                                  For The Headboard~A Large Wood Fragment Or Celling Tins
                                      Layers Of Fabric Treaments On the Windows And Bed
                                            It Will All Come Together One Piece At A Time
                                            Silver Light Fixtures~ A Large Silver Mirror
                                    Prints And Something Painted~It Will All Come Together
                                           For Now~I'll Wrap The Rug And Store It Safely
                                            Many~Many Years Of Collecting And Saving
                                    Will Go Into Our New Home~We Call "The Bunkhouse"


  1. That is a nice rug. Sounds like you have some great plans. Can't wait to see it all come together.