Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Classic Shabby Chic Buffet SOLD SOLD!!

                                                     ~I'll Have To Paint Another Buffet~
                                                     SOLD!! SOLD!! Thank You Deb
                                            ~Farm House White With A Pale Gray Wash~
                                                   ~Topped Off With A Light Sanding~
                                                       ~It's Called A Driftwood-Look~
                                                         ~My Number One Seller~
                                                 ~Thanks For All The Views~& Emails~
                                               ~See You At haywired~Check There Site~
                                                    My Contact~ hikchik@frontier.com


  1. The buffet turned out nice - I like the style. (Oh & Take good care of my coat - put me down as 3rd in line to get it.)