Monday, June 13, 2016

Queen Contest

                                    ~2016 Queen Contestant~Granddaugther Victoria Cable~
                                               ~2016 Wis. Pro Rodeo Queen Winner Was~
                                                    ~Trystin LeSage~Best Of Luck To Her~
                                                     ~What A Lucky Group Of Girls~
                                                   ~So Very Very Proud Of Our Girl~
                                                    ~She Had A Blast~Learned A lot~
                                                      ~Nothing Like Your Best Friend~
                                                          ~Pre-Events She Attended~

                                                    ~Rodeo Day~With Friend Shaydi~

                                          ~How Proud She Was To Carry The POW Flag~

                                                                      Victoria Cable
                                                  ~Vice President Of The Merrill Riders Club~
                                                     ~Owner Of Two Amazing Horses~
                                              ~That Have Carried Her To Countless Wins~
                                    ~ Winner At The National & International Barrel Race Circuits~
                                      ~Speed Horse Events High Point Winner Year After Year~
                         ~Lehman Gerow Memorial High Point Speed Horse Winner~Year After Year~
                               ~Talented~All Round Sweet Girl~Kind~Loving~A True Sportmans~
                                                          ~A Beauty Inside And Out~
                                  ~Best Of All She's Our Pride & Joy~Our Only Granddaughter~
                              ~The Lehman Gerow Memorial High Point Speed Horse Award~
                                                          ~Why It's So Special~
                                           ~For Years Lehman Was My Best Friend~
                           ~We Trailed Together & Compeated In The Same Speed Shows~
                     ~When He Passed Away Merrill Riders Club Started His Memorial Award~
                                ~Yep!!! Victoria Has Been The Winner Of It~Every Year~
                  ~How Great Is That~She's Riding On The Very Grounds Lehman & I Did~

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