Wednesday, July 6, 2016

~Bunkhouse Project~

                                                               ~Second Bedroom~
                                             ~Here Are A Few Things I'll Be working With~
                                                 ~Husband John Is Also A Big Collector~
                                          ~HUGE~ Is A Better Word For John's Collection~
                                                        ~Our Plans For The Basement~
                                         ~Half Of It Turned Into John's Guy Room & Office~
                                      ~I'm Looking Forward To Him Having This Great Space~

                                                ~Bedding~No Idea Of Wall Color Yet~
                                                     ~I Also Love The Carved Fish~
                                   ~One Of John's Big Deer He Got A Couple Years Back~
                                                               ~Love The Baskets~
                                              ~I Plan On Using As Many Prints Possible~

                                            ~Prints That Need To Come Out Of Storage~
                                                  ~Many We Have Not Seen In Years~
                                                                     ~Don't Forget~
                                                        ~Kentuck Day July 30, Crandon~
                                                   ~I'll Have Many Items At Sale Prices~
                                                 ~Don't Miss Out On Some Great Deals~


  1. I'm going to like "John's room" the best! Love it all!

  2. He has some of the coolest should be great...he has many NA prints...