Friday, September 9, 2016

Great Shopping~Huge Smile

                                                 ~Sometimes You Just Have A Great Find~
                                           ~You Find Something Your Just CRAZY About~
                                    ~Zac&Rachel Window Pane Print Dress Slacks~OMG!!!
                                                         ~Brick Red~Guess Handbag~
~I Already Had The Following~
                                            ~Crop Style Light Sweater~Slim Fit Rayon Tee~
                                                   ~BCBG Black Round Toe Heels~
                                                                 ~Jewelry Pending~
~I Know~Most Of You Are Thinking~
 ~I Wouldn't Be "Caught Dead" In Those Slacks~
 ~That's "OK" I'll Wear Them To My "Grave"  
~Think I'll Wear Them To The Feb Wausau Antique Show~


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