Wednesday, November 30, 2016


                            ~We Have Been In Our New Home For A Week~What Fun**!!**!
                              ~I Started In The Master Bedroom~Bath And Closet~My Closet~
                                                                  ~So Far So Good~

                                    ~The Gold Cabinet Is One Of Two I'm Thinking About~
                                          ~It Will Be Painted Once I Know It'll Be Staying~
                                                              ~MY CLOSET~ALL MINE~
                                                          ~I Did Have To Downsize~
                                      ~I Love It~I'm Adding Some Prints~So Far So Good~

                             ~I Still Have To Many Shoes~I Couldn't Find Room For Them~
                                             ~I Like To Keep My Shoes In Containers~
                                 ~I~HATE~Bad Shoes~You Know What I'm Talking About~
                                          ~Huge Downsize Here~I Have Three Large Chests~
                                                           ~But Only One Will Stay~
                              ~Now What Do I Do With The Jewelry From The Other Chests??

                                         ~Wet Paint~I Love This Cool Buffet With Shelfs~
                                       ~Only A Few Pieces Of Pottery Will Be Displayed~
                                               ~The Rest Will Be Sold At Coming Events~
                                                         ~Some Kitchen Lighting~
                                                               ~So Very Cool~
                                   ~Well That's My Update~More To Come At A Later Date~

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