Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What's In Your Attic $$$

                                               ~What Cool Stuff~Cleaning Out My Attic~
                                ~My Sign From Gathering Room Antiques In Rhinelander~
                                                           ~How I Miss This Shop~
                                                ~Cool Corbels Headed To The New House~
                                        ~We Purchased Them 15 Years Ago for $50.00 Pr~

                             ~Killer Gold  Holders~Think I'll Use As Curtains Tie Backs~
                                              ~I'm At Nine Light Fixtures I Forgot About~
                                              ~Think We Should Of Built A Bigger House~

                                                             Update On My Horse Onyx
                                                  ~Onyx Went Lame Three Weeks A Go~
                                      ~After A Nine Day Treat With Bute And Ten Xrays Yesterday~
                                    ~He Will Be Ok~He Has A Condition Called "Contracted Heels"
                                                 ~He Will Always Have It And Have Flare Ups~
                                           ~His Vet Has Outlined Treatment For Him As Needed~
                               ~His Farrier Will Keep Him Trimmed To Keep The Presser Off His Heels~
                                ~He'll Have To Wear Shoes The Rest Of His Life~Summer Months~
                                  ~He's A Reg Quarter Horse That's Comes In Around 1100 Lbs~
                           ~He Has Foundation Blood Lines And Very Small Hoofs Come With That~
                                                ~I Love Him So Much~So Thankful~

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