Wednesday, December 7, 2016

All Work & No Play

                                                 ~As I Unpack I'm Finding Cool Stuff~
                                              ~Dusty Hats~Soon To Be Hanging Lights~
                                      ~I Picked Up A Dozen Black Top Hats A Year Ago~     
                                               ~Hope To Turn Them Into Hanging Lights~

                                                      ~So Cute~Did Them Last Night~
                                                                  Cloche Kewpie's

                                                ~Pictures Enlarge If You Click On Them~
                                               ~Note So I Don't Get A Bunch Of Emails~
                                      ~Cloche~A Bell Jar & Also A Hat Style For The 20"s~


  1. Jim, That's the best you could come up with..You like the hat's It all looks really great..