Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sweater Love

                                                   ~Very Shabby Chic Sweater & Boots~
                                                                   ~Great Deals~
                                     ~Off Season Buy~$20,00 Marked Down From $80,00~
                                        ~Light Weight Sweater Like New~Goodwill Find~
                                                     ~Was $4.99 But Half Off Today~
                                                ~I Love That It Has Rhinestone Buttons~
                                          ~John And I Are Heading To Green Bay Friday~
                          ~We Are In Search Of An Area Rug & Curtains For The Living Room~
                     ~Also Planning On Hitting Some Shops And Picking Up Some Paint Projects~
                                        ~If All Go's Well Hope To Fill The Cargo Trailer~
                                  ~It's Great to Have John off Work~We Can Run ~WILD~

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