Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Booth At The End Of The First Day

                                         ~What A Great Show~Didn't Take Long To Pack~ 
                                                        ~I Received A Few Gift's~
                                              ~A Killer Pair Of New Madden Girl Shoes~
                                               ~And Wonderful Necklace & Earring Set~
                                                   ~I Would Say I Had A Great Day~
                                             ~Hope Everyone Enjoys There New Finds~
                                                        ~Thank You All So Much~
                                           ~Thank You For Your Kind Words And Support~


  1. Wow you sure did sell out! Congratulations. What was the first thing to sell? The pig cutting board?

  2. No..The gray chest with the large chicken logo...John's making me more pigs and other very cool stuff for haywired and Tansy Farm...So I'll have more of them lots more..Yes it was a great sale plus my huge persale..