Monday, March 6, 2017

John's Been Picking & So have I

                                 ~This The Lighting For Our Dinning Room & Mater Bedroom~
                                                 ~The Madden Girl Shoes Were A Gift~
                          ~I Was Lucky To Find A Cute Blouse In My Closet To Go With Them~
~Shoe Love~Fabric Covered Shoes~
~Now This I Really Love~I Resigned Two Blouses~
~Added A Super Cool Ragged Jacket From The Buckle~
                                       ~Put It All Together & I Have The Paris Rag Look~
                             ~Super Cute Shoes~With A Small Heel~DWS Sale Rack $9.00~

                                       ~Another Blouse I Redesigned~What A Killer Look~
                                          ~Found The Ragged Jeans At The Good Will~
                                            ~The Super Cute Bag & Sandals Look Great~
                              ~With Shopping The Goodwill A Thrift Shop & Sale Rack At TJ's~
                                                  ~My Total Was $21.00 For Everything~
                                    ~Thinking This Will Be My Out Fit For Tansy Hill Farm~
                                                      ~Again Here's Another Great Buy~
                                       ~Shoes Were From DWS Sale Rack $9.00~Were $60.00~
                           ~The Blouse Was From The Buckle I Found It At A Thrift Shop $5.00~
                                           ~The Jeans Were New Stock From The Goodwill $5.00~
                                 ~They Were One Of Three Pair I Found That Day For $5.00 Each~
                                        ~Yes I Took Them All~There Were From Maurces~
                                                       ~Honey What A Great Find~
                              ~Over The Past Two Years I Have Sold Some 160 Rusty Buckets~
                                             ~Very Happy With John Finding Me 80 More~
                                          ~Update~15 Buckets Have Sold~Thanks Carol~
                                           ~Carol Let Me Know When Your Shop Opens~

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