Thursday, June 1, 2017

Onyx Cash

                                                        Happy Birthday Big Boy
                                                       Onyx Is Going Great!!!!
                                                            Onyx Has Navicular Disease
                                   His Daily Med's And New Shoes Help With His Lameness
                                  Today We Added Shoofly Leggins And They Worked Great
                                   They Keep The Fly's Off His Legs And Stop The Stomp!!
                                       They Reduce Stress & Stomping Caused By Fly Bites
                                       In Additions We Added Bell Boots To His Front Feet
                             They Protect His Front Heals In The Event He Would Over Reach!
                                     (The Hind Feet Striking The Back Of His Front Feet)
                          I Top It All Off With A Good Brushing, Bug Spray And His Face Mask!!!
                                           I Add Lots & Lots Of Love And His Morning Feed
                                        His Vet Is Currently Looking Into A Better Treatment..


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