Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tall Boy~~Update~High Boy Is Sold~~

                                          ~Amy Here's More Information On The High Boy~
                                                ~Sizes~ 57in High 37in Wide & 18in. Deep~
                                       ~I Will Email You A Price~That Includes Delivery~
                                                        ~Update~This Piece Is On Hold~
                                                            ~The Power Of A Blog~
                          ~In Seven Hours Of This Post The Dresser Had 217 Views~
                                                   ~I Also Received Many~Many Emails~
                                                       ~Thank You For Your Support~

                                          ~OOPS Almost Forgot The Cool Rooster Lamp~
                         ~I Had The Shade And It worked Great For This Vintage Lamp~
                                                             ~Sorry It's Not For Sale~

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