Saturday, November 18, 2017

Great Bones!! But Awful Finish!!

                                                                 Much Much Better
                                                     Sherwin Willams Paint In Satin
                                     I Know It Looks Like It Has A High Shine But It Doesn't
                                                           It's A Soft Warm Gray
                                                     This Picture Shows It's Real Color
I Could Now Do One Of Three Things
Leave It As You See It
Add A Dark Wax
 Or Add Pearl Glaze 
For Now I'm Going To Leave It~Why
It Has Such "Strong Bones"
It Needs Nothing Else
John's Two Cents Why Did You Paint The Pulls??
Well Dear Husband! They Were Gold!!
I Didn't Want To Add Another Color By Painting Them
Now It They would Of Been Silver I Would Of Left Them Silver
Next Project~1 Of Three Buffets

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