Saturday, November 25, 2017

Nov 19th Post On Trends For 2018..

                                            We Left Off With 2018 Color Trends
                                                              Navy & Brown      
                                         Here's What I Think About Design Trends  
                                 Interior Design Trends Are Much Like Fashion Fad's  
                              We All Had To Have Them~Then They Go Out Of Style
                            Ask Your Self Do I Really Want Navy Dinning Room Walls??
                                       I Followed "The Farm Fresh" Trend Last Year
                              Did I Really Think I Wanted That Look In My New Home??
                                                Well "Yes" But It Didn't Last Long...
                                         I Guess I Wanted "The Trending Now Look"
                                      I Went Back To What I Truly Love~My Style!!
                                                        Buy What You Love!!
                                                    Happy Decorating In 2018

                            PS..If Your looking For The Farm Fresh Look Check Out
                                   My Booth At The Wausau Antique Show Feb 2018..

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