Saturday, December 30, 2017

No More Chairs!!!

                                                           I Say That All The Time...
                                                        I Really Don't Enjoy Chairs...
                                     I Painted Them White~Then Gave Them A Gray Wash
                                          Then I Dry Brushed The Whole Chair With White
                                      I'll Recover The Seat In A Cool Gray & White Fabric

                                             I Also Did A White Buffet With Gray Legs
                                            Super Cute!! There Headed To The Feb 2018
                                                        Antique Show In Wausau
Here's The White Buffet With Gray Legs I Was Talking About
I Have Some Killer Mirrored Windows To Display On Top
Then I'll Add Some Silver Décor Items
This Should Be Super Cute
  I'll Add Some Coral Lamps For Color
 Great French Colors~Soft White~Gary~Coral~And Silver 
I Can See Four Of These Window Mirrors I Did
  Hanging Over The Buffet~They Have Great Farm House Flavor  
 Sorry To Say I Will Only Have Two At The Feb Show
But I Do Have Like 30 In Storage 
                            Will Have To Wait For Warm Weather To Do Anymore Windows

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