Friday, March 9, 2018


                                                Stopped In At Schroeder's Gift's Yesterday...
                                        Had To Have This Stunning "Burnout Lace" Blouse..
                                    Happy B-Day To Me...Well In Three Weeks It Will Be..
                                                                    LOVE The Back...
                                                       What To Wear With It???
                                           The Black Beaded Would Be Great For Evening...
                              While The Shabby Chic Print Will Work Great For Day Wear..
                                  Both Pair Of Shoes Came From DVS Clearance $5.00 Each..
                                                Check Out The Lace Work On The Back..
                                         The Black Leggings I Have...Super Cute Together..
                              What I Like About Schroeder's Is There Were Only 4 Available..
                                               That's It Four Of Them..Buy It Now....
                        Price?? $60.00 With My $15.00 Birthday Credit & $15.00 In Points..
                              Husband John Jumped On The Idea His Shopping Was Over..
                                         Not So Fast John....There Spring Shipment Is In..
                                           Thank You Honey  xxoxooooxxooxoxoooxxo

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