Sunday, August 5, 2018

This Is Were I Am In My Make Over..

                                                   The French Chairs I Did Years Ago..
                                                   They Will Stay In My Living Room.
                                              I Love This White Buffet & All The Stuff On It.
                                          I'm Thinking I May Move It To A Living Room Wall
                                               If I Do Move It I Will Replace The Print..

                      Sorry To  Say This Big Wardrobe Is Wonderful But It.Will Be Replaced..
                               I'm Looking For A Large French Piece For This Wall..
                                     My Sofa Will Stay & My Dinning Charis Recovered..
                                         This Is Another Great Piece & I Will Relocate It..
                                    I Can See My Copper & Iron Stone Pieces On It..
                                       I Love The Dried Flowers..On My dinning Room Table..
  I'm Not Going To Have Room For All My Picks..