Monday, November 12, 2018

Wausau Show & Sale...Top Seller...Refinished Furniture..Out The Door..

                                                       I Scored Some "LOOT"
                                          Sweet Little Sheep At A Wonderful Price...
                                           Thank You Fellow Dealer...I Love Them..
                                     Then The "Glamour Girls" From The "Glamour Girls"
                                              Thank You Ladies For The "Incredible Deal"
                                    The Minute I Picked Up The Use To Be Lamps..
                             The Dealer Said...I Know You'll Do Something With Them..
                                                                  "Oh Ya"
                                   A Huge Thank You To All My Wonderful Buyers..
                            Who Stopped To Shop And Spend Some Time With Me..
                                I Love You Guy's Thanks For Your Support..
                                             Thanks For The Party Shoes...I Will Enjoy...
                                           Come Back And Check Them Out In Feb. 2019..
                                           Thanks Lynnette For The Love Set..I Love It..
                                           Thank You Also For All The Auction Memories!!
                                                               We Did Have Fun..
                                            Can't Wait To Get Started On The Love Seat...