Wednesday, January 30, 2019

From My "Personal Treasurers" Yep!! This Will Be The Year I Downsize..I Will Start By Adding The Two Items Selected Below..

                                         First..This "Stunning Roll" Of Wallcovering..
                                I Will Only Have One Roll Offered At The Wausau Show.
                        I Have A Second Roll I Would Sell To Who Ever Purchases This Roll.
                                 This Is What I Know..I Purchased Both Rolls In 1998.
                         At The Time I Was Painting A Buffet For An Interior Designer In
                        Seattle Washington. She Was From NY She Had Information On An
                      On Line Sale.. I Looked At What Was Being Offered And Ordered The
                  Two Rolls Of Wallcovering At $125.00 A Roll..Not For The" Faint Of Heart"

                                                  Up Date Wall Paper Has Been Sold

            The Wallcovering Is By Louis W. Bowen.. Note: The Paper's Back Is No-Glued.
                 I Found His Notice Of Death On Line So You Know As Much As I Know..
              Paper Roll Reads "Palais De Soleil" A Palace In France By Louis W. Bowen.
                             One More Thing!! There Priced At $125.00 $$$$ A Roll..
                            If I Don't Sell The Paper I Think I'll Cover A Dresser In It..
                                            Wallpaper Book Has Been Sold
                     What's Next?? A Wallcovering Book Full Of Fun Paper Samples..
                        The Gold Seal By Birge. Hard Cover 18x23x3 Great Size..

                                                               Priced At $145.00

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