Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Will It Ever End?? All This Painting..At this Point I Have 9 Painted Pieces Ready & 3 More To Paint..So I'm Moving On To My Storage Unit, Garage & Cabin Clean Out..This Will Take Some Time..

                                                                  I'll Make This Fast..
                                     I'm Adding The French Set To The July 5th & 6th Sale..
                                      It Turned Out To Be To Large For My Buyers Bedroom..
                                         Also..I Did Get It's Matching Mirror Fixed & Painted..
                                                      I've Priced This Set At $750.00
                                                       If It Doesn't Sell I'm Keeping it...
                                                       Super Cute Set Of 4 Chairs...
                                            Looks Great With The Desk/Could Be Table..
                                                    I Will Have A Few Unpainted Items..
                                       I Will Mix Them In With My Classic Shabby Chic Pieces
                                                      I Will Have Set Up In My Garage..
                                       The Barn & Barn Yard Will Have Loads Of Stuff...
                                        From My Storage Unit, Lake Cottage & It's Garage..
                                       This Will Be A Really Nice Sale..Save The Dates..

                                                   Today I Painted This Chest & Mirror...
                                                   Added Some "Bling" With Glass Pulls...

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