Tuesday, December 24, 2019

"Lighting My Fire"

                             Will Gray ...Decorative Artist Greenville Mississippi.
                                From 1995 To 1999 I lived & Worked In Greenville MS.
                                         That Is Were I Would Meet Will Gary..
                                    He Would Frequent The Casino I Worked At...
                       The Frist Thing I Noticed About Him Was The Paint On His Shoes..
                                              So I Had To Ask..Do You Paint??
                                      YA...I'm Painting Furniture For "The White Leopard"
                                          It's A Interior Design Shop...OMG!!!!
                                 Well Just Then I Went Nuts...I've Always Wanted To Paint..
                                  Over The Next Few Weeks Will Would Come & Go...
                          Then One Night He Came In And Asked If I Still Wanted To Paint???
                                  He Could Use Some Help And Did I Have A Truck...Yes!!  
                  The Man's Talent Was Unbelievable...We Worked On Some Awesome Stuff.
                                     I'll Forever Be Grateful To Him For "Lighting My Fire"


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