Sunday, May 24, 2020

Market Sign Update...Top Coat...Wise Owl...

For My Top Coat I Used Wise Owl
Matte Varnish..It My Say Matte But It
Does Have A Very Light Shin To It..
I Purchased It From A Shop In Appleton
And The Price Was Awesome.. 
$26.00 For 34oz Ya! That's Can't Be Right!! 
It's Low Oder, Dry's Fast & Does The Job.
It You Want Shop Information Let Me Know.
They Also Carried Paints By Wise Owl..
                                                 I Gave The Sign One Coat....
                                      Husband John Will Add The Hooks.
                                     Then It Go's Into Storage Till My Next Event...
                                           I'll Be Doing Two More Signs...
                                       One Reads FARMHOUSE And Other Reads...
                                       FRESH DARIY And Has A Cow On It..

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