Monday, June 9, 2014

~~Mid Century Modern~~

                                                   ~~I Picked Up This Item At The~~
                                          ~~Animal Resource  Fund Of Forest County~~
                                                         ~~Annual Rummage Sale~~
                                            ~~There Was Something About It I Liked~~
                                 ~~It's A Great Size~~2ft 9in High-4ft6in Long-1ft8in Deep~~
                                                       ~~It Would Be Great AS A~~
                                      ~~A Buffet, Dresser, Maybe Used in A Retail Setting~~

                                         ~~Here Are Some Colors I'm Thinking About~~
                                           ~~Turquoise-Candy Apple Red-Dark Gray~~
                                           ~~The Pulls Are Great So They Will Stay~~
                                        ~~Pictured Paint Colors~~Are Off Shade A Little~~
                                     ~~Once I Have A Color Choice I'll Be Ready To Go~~
                                       ~~ Find The Completed Project~~In My Booth At~~
                                                ~~Kentuck Day On July 26, In Crandon~~
                                         ~~For More Information On This Event Go To~~

                                          ~~Watch My Blog For Updates On This Item~~


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