Tuesday, December 9, 2014

~~End Table Project~~SOLD~~SOLD~~

                                              ~~Tables Have ~~SOLD~~Thanks.......G
                                      ~~What A Great Pair~~Only One Small Problem~~
                                      ~~There Mahogany That Someone Tried To Strip~~
                                       ~~They Will~~Bleed and Bleed~~When Painted~~
                                ~~Dutch Boy~~Paint And Primer In One Will Do The Trick~~
                                                     ~~The Tops Took Five Coats~~
                                                    ~~Tip When Painting A Small Item~~
                               ~~Sample Cans Of Paint Can Be Tinted To Any Color You Want~~
                               ~~Less Waste~~Less Expense~~Priced At About $3.00 A Can~~
                                       ~~Both Cans Were Cream Colors So I Mixed Them~~
                                      ~~The Can On The Right Came From Ace Hardware~~
                                        ~~Buy Three Cans Get One ~~FREE~~Great Deal~~
                                                       ~~Great Bones~~Great Detail~~
                                          ~~After Painting~~I Added A Very Light Distress~~
                                 ~~Why A Light Distress?? The Tables Had A Lot Going On~~
                               ~~Less Is More~~Unless You Want The "Chicken Coop" Look~~
                                                           ~~What A Great Pair~~
                                                         ~~You Can Dress Them Up~~
                                                           ~~Or Dress Them Down~~
                                                          Were Would I Use Them??
                              ~~I See Them In A Living Room Or Master Bedroom~~                          
                                          ~~But I Also Can See Them In A ~Soft Pink~~
                                   ~~In A Young Girls Room~~Without Being Distressed~~
                                    ~~There's A Lot Going On In Teens Room~~No Distress~~
                                 ~~Again~~Less Is More~~But They Will Grow With Her~~
                                         ~~She'll Love Them In Her First Paris Apartment~~
                                              ~~Planning Is Everything~~Plan Ahead~~